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  • You wouldn't say it about them
    Ugh. Black people, am I right? I mean, I don’t want to be black but, if that’s what they want to do, I guess it’s okay with me, just as long as they aren’t overtly black. Why do they have to rub it in our faces, though? And as a business owner, if I don’t want them in my business, I should be able to turn them away! The Bible says very clearly God wants segr […]
  • Vanderbilt film series links LGBT, African-American civil rights movements
    The Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center (BCC) and Vanderbilt’s Office of LGBTQI Life have collaborated on numerous events in the past two years, but they’ve recently found new educational tools that draw parallels between the struggles for equality centered on racial identities and those of the LGBTQI community. In January the two groups co-hosted a […]
  • NASHVILLE recap: "That's the Way Love Goes"
    We begin with Sadie and Rayna at the Opry where everyone is getting ready for Rayna’s 10th Opry induction anniversary celebration. Props to the show’s graphics department for Photoshopping an induction photo that includes Rayna, Deacon, Vince Gill and Little Jimmy Dickens. Sadie won’t make the celebration performance because she’s going to be on (shameless A […]