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  • A Kiki with Giselle Nicole
    We all know that doing drag takes a lot of work, but what we don’t always hear about are drag husbands and all the work they do behind the scenes. Just like supportive partners in any relationship, they stand beside and support their queens by helping pack bags, make costumes, and many other things that make their queens’ work easier. Giselle Nicole is one […]
  • Win a pair of tickets to Nashville Pride's Spirit of Tennessee
    Sign up here to enter. One winner will be chosen on Wednesday March 11 and will be notified by email.     […]
  • Prior to deployment, falling in love
    So I'm sure most of us in our dating careers have had that one person in our lives. You know that one person who you hit it off with instantly. Where you feel like it’s love at first sight, but you won’t say so because you want it to be perfect.  You feel an unspoken mutual bond between the two of you that transcends time and reality. For a moment you f […]