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  • LGBT Americans face greater social, economic disparities in the South
    LGBT Americans face greater social and economic disparities in the South, Midwest, and Mountain states, according to a new Williams Institute report sponsored by Credit Suisse, a longtime partner of the Williams Institute. The report reviews social climate, demographic, economic and health indicators, and highlights disparities between the 21 states that cur […]
  • Marriage equality will not solve sexual orientation discrimination issues
    With growing acceptance nationwide toward marriage equality, the state-by-state approach as it regards employment non-discrimination and other forms of inequality for LGBT people has created a "good news, bad news" scenario for many, including those of us in Tennessee. Good news: Marriage equality has gained traction and momentum in the last few y […]
  • All I want for Christmas is...
    "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth." Most of us can recall that song being sung in Christmases past, the song was novel - yet none of us really asked for two front teeth.  We wanted toys, new clothes, whatever the latest craze was at that time.  Whether or not we had great Christmases, something tells me that they w […]