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  • RuPaul Country UPDATE
    Back in December, O&AN reported on Glenn Stewart's album, Breaking Boundaries, which contains a country/rock cover of a RuPaul song, "Here it Comes Around Again." Stewart's song, "Around Again," adapts the lyrics of the RuPaul original slightly, but gives the song a completely new feel. In February, Stewart began producing […]
  • Outraged about Indiana's HB101? Good, but have you heard about Tennessee's HB566?
    UPDATE: IN A TEP / TTPC ​LED VICTORY, TENNESSEE'S COUNSELING DISCRIMINATION BILL WAS TAKEN OFF NOTICE YESTERDAY. I know what I'm about to say will sound odd (some might even say "queer"), but Indiana's sweeping law enshrining "religious liberty" is actually a blessing.  Why? SB101 is the equivalent of the following state […]
  • RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE recap: "The DESPY Awards"
    This week started on the tails of the most horrific elimination since Ben Del Creme! Trixie Mattel, the elimination heard round the world. Pearl said she thought she'd be so sickening the judges would be obsessed with her. This season of Drag Race is proving to be unlike any before it.  This weeks mini challenge was to recreate classic celebrity red ca […]