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  • The queen of mean comes clean
    Whether its jokes about racial minorities (“My black boyfriend says ‘the bigger the cushion the sweeter of a pushin.’ Bull! He just wants something to hide behind when the cops start shooting!”) or the LGBT community or espousing the benefits of being with a fat man (“You always know when they’re ready for sex, ‘cause naked he looked like one of them butterb […]
  • Executive Order on LGBT discrimination will not include religious exemption
    The New York Times is reporting today that the Executive Order President Obama is planning to sign on Monday will not include an exemption for religious groups.  That order will protect from discrimination LGBT employees of the federal government as well as those organizations who contract with the federal government. Specifically, according to the Times, […]
  • Devotion, not just duty
    Invariably every time I sit down with a couple whose relationship is in trouble one of them brings up how they felt when they started dating.  They always seem to wonder where the joy and mutual pursuit went.  Now do not get me wrong, they still want the bills paid, chores done, etc. – they even expect that of themselves – but they do not want to be taken fo […]