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  • The La Vergne cop fired for using Grindr on the job
    The La Vergne police department has come under scrutiny this week, as allegations of police misconduct led the department to fire a presumably gay police officer. On July 24, Office Jason Helkenberg was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into improprieties he had allegedly committed. The department moved ahead and fired him just a day l […]
  • He diggz me
    His name is Maurice Diggs, a very successful medical logistician for the Army, in his late twenties. He is a southern gentleman who is currently stationed at Fort Knox Kentucky for Temporary Duty (TDY). I call it fate, that stuffy April night that brought us to the same nightclub. We met at Vibe, another club that boasts the usual watered down drinks in plas […]
  • A kiki with Chyna
    Drag has been around for a very long time, since men "DRessed As a Girl" played women’s parts on stage. But even in my lifetime drag has changed so much. Many queens have played a part in developing the art, but one huge influence here in Nashville is Chyna Charles. This legendary queen can be found in boy form on a daily basis dishing out drag ad […]