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  • Halloween book recommendations for LGBT Young Adults
    Halloween is our chance to tap into our inner fantasies. Once a year, instead of simply thinking about that princess, superhero, or zombie, we can become one. The holiday is a chance to exhibit an alternate persona in a socially accepted way. Halloween isn’t just about fishnet stockings, tight pants, or drag. This dress-up can also be a tentative exploration […]
  • NASHVILLE recap: “Road Happy”
    Juliette is wearing some serious Spanx to hide her baby bump out on the road. Zoey finds out, so Juliette threatens her livelihood if the secret gets out. There’s that bitchy Ju Ju we know and love. Later, via Skype, Gunnar tells Zoey he is going to meet up with his old flame, Kylie. You know, his first love ever? Let’s just start calling her “Distraction fr […]
  • Defrocked pastor to visit St. Ann's Episcopal Church
    NASHVILLE – St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in East Nashville will host Rev. Frank Schaefer on Thursday, October 23rd at 7pm to talk about his new book, Defrocked, and engage the community with conversation.  Frank Schaefer was defrocked in 2013 for officiating at the marriage of his son to another man.  According to Methodist officials he did not uphold the Boo […]